Our teams strive to ensure that every child, young person and adult we work with experiences of care that is not only safe, informed and designed to meet their needs, but is genuinely kind, compassionate and nurturing. Always.

We are mindful that caring is not always easy – either as a parent or a professional and so we extend the care we provide:

  • to the parents and families of the children, young people, and adults in our services and
  • to the professionals who work with and represent them and
  • to our care teams, managers, clinicians, and head office team.


Partnership within Three Steps begins with the children, young people, and adults in our care. They have a voice we want to hear, problems they need our help to solve, and hopes and dreams they have every right to realise. So, each day we listen to what they have to say, in the many ways they say it, and we let their voice inform every aspect of the care we provide.

We also work in partnership with their parents and families, with their Social Workers and Disability Managers, with Guardians’ ad Litem, and with the many other professionals involved in their care. We always place greater value on the decisions, we make together than those we make alone.

Our teams also work closely together to provide the highest quality care we can, and we always commit to giving our best care today, and better care tomorrow.


Providing services to the children, young people and adults in our care is both a privilege and a challenge. The care we provide is often as rewarding to us as it is helpful to those we care for – but it is also highly regulated, and a goal that best intentions alone cannot realise.

For these reasons we have developed, and continue to develop, a broad range of bespoke systems and processes that scaffold the efforts our care teams make. We do this to ensure our services are effective, transparent, and compliant with the many regulations and standards we are expected to meet.

We are always seeking committed professionals to join our team

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